RNB Dress Code

At RNB, we strive to provide excellence in dance training for all ages and all dance levels.

Dance provides an opportunity to develop rhythm, strength, coordination, flexibility and a fluidity of motion while building character and self-esteem.

A key element to good dance ethics is good grooming and adherance to the schools uniform guidelines.

RNB Uniform

Why wear a uniform?

A uniform allows students and instructors to focus on position and movement without distraction. Wearing the correct attire for class is very important as it allows the dancer to ‘feel’ the style of dance they are performing.

Different classes at RNB require a different uniform. For example Hip Hop allows and insists on the fashion of baggy clothes, but baggy clothes in the wrong class can result in bad habits and injury. Jewelry getting caught and flying hair can hurt!

Teachers need to see the line of the body and correct placement in order for students to improve their technique. The correct uniform ensures that students are suitably dressed for class and clothing and footwear are safe and appropriate.

A classical uniform can give a sense of belonging, class unity and pride in appearance. It also reinforces the discipline and respect inherent to the art. The tradition and etiquette of Ballet instills self-esteem in young dancers.

A relaxed approach to classes can also carry over to performances; the dancers are not at the standard they could be. Guest teachers and choreographers working with students are much more impressed with students who take pride in their appearance. This gives a lasting first impression and shows how enthusiastic they will approach a class.

Uniform presents a unified and prestigious look to observers, further enhancing the professional standard. RNB teachers will be enforcing our Dress Code.

***As we head into the New Year (and running low on Leotard sizes) we are happy to announce Duck Feet will now carry our Dark Purple Uniform. All sizes are in stock and available now!




Hair: Do not wash hair on performance day. It stays "put" better if a little dirty.

Make up: Please do not put make-up on the younger students. Our in-house make-up artists will make sure that your child is made up as the teacher instructs, with the childs own make-up. Senior students should have false eyelashes. Make up is NOT required at Dress Rehearsals, but full costume and hair is expected. 

Jewelry: Unless part of a costume, NO jewelry should be worn.

Nail Polish: Must be removed prior to Dress Rehearsals.

Shoes & Tights: Must be clean and without runs or holes. Leather ballet shoes can be cleaned with Liquid Ajax or Vim. Canvas ballet shoes can be machine washed and air dried.

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE to buy new tights or shoes. Be sure to label all personal items with your name.


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