Davi Rodrigues

Born in Brasilia, Brazil, Davi began studying dance at the age of 13. He studied physical education at the Universidade Catolica de Brasilia - UCB, Gymnastics at Clube Escola 01 de Taguatinga, and then danced for six years at Aplauso cia de Danca under the direction of Junior O'Hara in Taguatinga, DF.

Davi studied ballet with the Ballet Theatre Guaira's Principal dancer "Heloisa Almeida" with whom he began his studies in classical ballet. In Canada in 2008 he studied Ballet with Li Yaming and Dolores Kirkwood and Contemporary with Lara Barclay and Monica Proenca.

Davi has had an extensive career in dance, he is a multifunctional performer with an open mind to new ideas and concepts; with this he brings great energy and optimism to his choreography and dancing. He has choreographed eight original full-length dance shows for "Cia Criatividanca" in Brazil, a company he danced and directed for 15 years with which he won several awards throughout Brazil. In Brazil, he danced and choreographed for many companies, he was the choreographer of a catholic event called "Caminhada Mariana" for four years choreographing for about 40 to 70 youths. His work is also known in Germany, Madrid, Spain, and Colombia where he was invited to open the University Festival of Contemporary dance.

In Canada, Davi choreographed for many schools like "Pacific Dance Arts", "Kirkwood Academy of Dance", "RNB Dance & Theatre Arts", "Northwest Academy of Performance and Arts", "C.A.P.A Dance & Drama School Inc." and "Lamondance" with which he is now Artistic Director. In 2011 Davi received an award for best choreography in the Spotlight Dance Cup in Seattle with his choreography "Dripping". Recently, Davi received an award for best choreographer at "Dance Power" in Vancouver, Canada for the fourth consecutive year. His work has been gaining strength, Davi managed to create an own style using conditional elements as strength, endurance and skill as a dancer and choreographer. Davi is able to unify these elements into a rich and dynamic style where emotion is present always, getting the dancers and audience involved. Lately, Davi has created a uniquely new artistic work, unifying dance with the art of clowning, joining two distinctly noble arts. This has been met with audience acclaim. davirodrigues.com

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